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BEC 2020.1 Mitochondrial physiology
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COST Action CA15203 (2016-2021): MitoEAGLE
Evolution-Age-Gender-Lifestyle-Environment: mitochondrial fitness mapping

MitoEAGLE Lund 2018

Upper left row: Shao-Chiang Chang, Ernesto Alfaro-Moreno, Luiz F Garcia-Souza, Erich Gnaiger, Johnny Stiban, Melanie Schartner, Eskil Elmรฉr, Beata Cizmarova, Michael Karlsson, Anthony Molina, Johannes Ehinger, Fredrik Sjรถvall. Middle row: Slawomir Michalak, Basak Engin, Elisa Calabria, Carmina Silaidos, Zuzana Sumbalova, Vlad Avram, Imen Chamkha. Lower row: Cezary Watala, Joanna Rybacka-Mossakowska, Gloria Keppner, Eleonor ร…sander Frostner, Chiara Volani, Magdalena Labienec-Watala, Karolina Siewiera, Sarah Piel
Fig. 1. Workflow and topics - Innsbruck โ€“ Poznan manuscript

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Lund SE, 2018 May 28-30. WG 4 blood cell workshop and retreat - COST Action MitoEAGLE.

ยป WG4 MitoEAGLE data: blood and cultured cells

COST Association (2018-05-28) MitoGlobal




Palaestra et Odeum
Paradisgatan 4
223 50 Lund
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Continue work on a manuscript concerning standard operating procedures for respirometry with PMBCs and PLTs.

Monday 28 Topic
09:00-09:05 Lund group - Welcome
09:05โ€“09.30 Erich Gnaiger - Progress report on Innsbruck โ€“ Poznan - Lund manuscript and link to Gnaiger 2019 MitoFit Preprints
09:30-10:00 Who is who - participants: contribution to Working Group 4
10:00-11:15 Overview
11:15-11:45 Coffee/Tea
11:45-13:00 Assignment to working subgroups on sections of the manuscript
13:00-14:00 Lunch at Tegnรฉrs Matsalar
14:00-15:00 Guided tour on foot around the city centre, sponsored by the City of Lund
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15:00-16:00 Working and writing the manuscript in sub-groups
16:00-16:30 Coffee/Tea
16:30-18:30 Working and writing the manuscript in sub-groups
18:30-19:00 Feedback and suggestions for day 2
Tuesday 29 Topic
09:00-09:45 WG4 journal club - Extramitochondrial energy production in platelets. PubMed PMID: 29537672. Lead - Fredrik Sjรถvall
09:45-11:00 Working and writing the manuscript in sub-groups
11:00-11:30 Coffee/Tea
11:30-13:00 Working and writing the manuscript in sub-groups
13:00-14:00 Lunch at Tegnรฉrs Matsalar
14:00-15:00 Reports of sub-groups and discussion on separation of cells, storage, counting, cell viability and purity of cell fraction
15:00-15:30 Coffee/Tea
15:30-17:00 Reports of sub-groups and discussion on respirometric SUIT protocols and analyses of mitochondrial markers and normalization

Wednesday 30 Topic
09:00-10.30 Reports of sub-groups and discussion on sections of the manuscript
10:30-11:00 Coffee/Tea
11:00-12:30 Reports of sub-groups and discussion on sections of the manuscript
12:30-13:00 Wrap-up, timelines, actions and responsibilities
13:00 Farewell and lunch at Tegnรฉrs Matsalar

Local organizer


List of participants

  Participant Institution
Aasander Frostner Eleonor Aasander Frostner Eleonor Lund University, SE
Alfaro-Moreno Ernesto Toxicology Sciences, SE
Vlad Avram Avram Vlad Florian Department of Pathophysiology, RO
Calabria Elisa Calabria Elisa University of Verona, IT
Chamkha Imen Chamkha Imen Lund University, SE
Chang Shao-Chiang Chang Shao-Chiang Oroboros Instruments
Ehinger Johannes Ehinger Johannes K Lund University, SE
Elmer Eskil Elmer Eskil Lund University, SE
Engin Ayse Basak Engin Ayse Basak Gazi University, TR
Garcia e Souza L Garcia-Souza Luiz Medical University of Innsbruck, AT
Gnaiger Erich Gnaiger Erich MitoFit, Medical University of Innsbruck; and Oroboros Instruments, AT
Hansson Magnus Hansson Magnus J Lund University, SE
Karlsson Michael Karlsson Michael Lund University, SE
Keppner Gloria Keppner Gloria Technical University of Munich, DE
Labieniec-Watala Magdalena Labieniec-Watala Magdalena University of Lodz, PL
Michalak Slawomir Michalak Slawomir Poznan University of Medical Sciences, PL
Molina Anthony Molina Anthony Wake Forest School of Medicine, USA
Piel Sarah Piel Sarah Lund University, SE
Rybacka-Mossakowska Joanna Poznan University of Medical Sciences, PL
Schartner Melanie Schartner Melanie Medical University of Innsbruck
Serrano Sonia Simon Serrano Sonia Simon Lund University, SE
Siewiera Karolina Siewiera Karolina Medical University of Lodz
Silaidos Carmina Silaidos Carmina DE Giessen Eckert GP - Justus-Liebig-University Giessen
Stiban Johnny Sjoevall Fredrik Lund University, SE
Stiban Johnny Stiban Johnny Birzeit University, PS
Zuzana Sumbalova Sumbalova Zuzana Faculty of Medicine, SK
Cizmarova Beata Cizmarova Beata Pavol Jozef ล afรกrik University Kosice, SK
Volani Chiara Volani Chiara Medical University Innsbruck, AT
Watala Cezary Watala Cezary Medical University of Lodz, PL
Westerlund E Westerlund Emil Lund University, SE

Impressions from the Lund WG4 Workshop



This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) under grant agreement No OC-2015-2-19984.

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