Stoichiometric number

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Stoichiometric number


The sign of the stoichiometric number Ξ½X is determined by the nonspatial direction of the transformation (positive for products, negative for substrates), and the magnitude of Ξ½X is determined by the stoichiometric form. For instance, Ξ½A=-1 in the reaction 0 = -1 A + 2 B (-1 glucose converted to +2 lactate), but Ξ½A=-1/6 in the reaction 0 = -1/6 A - 1 B + 1 C (-1/6 glucose and -1 O2 converted to +1 H2CO3).

Abbreviation: Ξ½X

Reference: Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways


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