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User talk:Tindle Lisa/My sandbox Single Product example

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User talk:Tindle Lisa/My sandbox Single Product example


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O2k-TPP+ ISE-Module: 2 potentiometric ion-selective electrodes (ISE), ISE-Service Kit and 2 PEEK-Stoppers, supported by the Oroboros O2k (O2k-Series D and higher). It also includes the newest DatLab Version. The ISE module is designed with replaceable membranes making it possible to measure different ions such as TPP+ or Ca2+ with the same electrode housing. The main application of the O2k-TPP+ ISE-Module is measurement of mitochondrial membrane potential with tetraphenylphosphonium (TPP+) or TPMP+.
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Type O2k, O2k-Module, MultiSensor, Stopper
Link O2k-Modules, MiPNet15.03 O2k-MultiSensor-ISE
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» O2k-Manual: MiPNet15.03 O2k-MultiSensor-ISE
» O2k-Procedures: TPP: O2k-technical_support
» O2k-Specifications: MiPNet15.08 TPP electrode

MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: O2k hardware 


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Fundamental relationships
» Force
» Affinity
» Flux
» Advancement
» Advancement per volume
» Stoichiometric number
mt-Membrane potential and protonmotive force
» Protonmotive force
» Mitochondrial membrane potential
» Chemical potential
» Faraday constant
» Format
» Uncoupler
» O2k-Catalogue: O2k-TPP+ ISE-Module
» O2k-Manual: MiPNet15.03 O2k-MultiSensor-ISE
» TPP - O2k-Procedures: Tetraphenylphosphonium
» Specifications: MiPNet15.08 TPP electrode
» Poster
» Unspecific binding of TPP+
» TPP+ inhibitory effect
» O2k-Catalogue: O2k-FluoRespirometer
» O2k-Manual: MiPNet22.11 O2k-FluoRespirometer manual
» Safranin - O2k-Procedures: MiPNet20.13 Safranin mt-membranepotential / Safranin
» TMRM - O2k-Procedures: TMRM
» O2k-Publications: mt-Membrane potential
» O2k-Publications: Coupling efficiency;uncoupling

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