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Name Wu Jacob,
Institution Sunpoint Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.
Address 6F-2, NO. 146, Wen Shing Road, Kwei Shan Hsiang, Taoyuan 333, Taiwan, R.O.C,
City Taoyuan
Country Taiwan
Email jacob@sunpointworld.com
Weblink www.sunpointworld.com
O2k-Network Lab TW Taoyuan Sunpoint



Van der Laans 2013 J Clin Invest2013van der Lans AA, Hoeks J, Brans B, Vijgen GH, Visser MG, Vosselman MJ, Hansen J, Jörgensen JA, Wu J, Mottaghy FM, Schrauwen P, van Marken Lichtenbelt WD (2013) Cold acclimation recruits human brown fat and increases nonshivering thermogenesis. J Clin Invest 123:3395-403.
Wu 2012 Cell2012Wu J, Boström P, Sparks LM, Ye L, Choi JH, Giang AH, Khandekar M, Virtanen KA, Nuutila P, Schaart G, Huang K, Tu H, van Marken Lichtenbelt WD, Hoeks J, Enerbäck S, Schrauwen P, Spiegelman BM (2012) Beige adipocytes are a distinct type of thermogenic fat cell in mouse and human. Cell 150:366-76.


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