O2k-Peltier Temperature Control

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O2k-Peltier Temperature Control


Description O2k-Peltier Temperature Control: electronic thermostat controlling temperature for 2 O2k-Chambers in the range of 2 to 47 °C; ±0.001 °C. Continuous recording of the O2k-Copper Block temperature.
Product ID 21020-01
Type O2k-Main Unit Set"O2k-Main Unit Set" is not in the list (O2k, O2k-Module, O2k-Core, O2k-Fluorometer, O2k-Main Unit, O2k-Assembly Kit, OroboPOS, OroboPOS-Service Kit, ISS, TIP2k, ...) of allowed values for the "Product type" property.
Link Oxygraph-2k